This surgery lifts and tightens the breast and improves the breast volume and shape.


Breast Lift Surgery: Women’s breasts may sag due to factors such as aging, heredity, gravity, pregnancy, breastfeeding, or weight loss. Breast lift surgery is an aesthetic surgery performed to solve these problems. This surgery lifts and tightens the breast and improves the breast volume and shape.


After the breast lift surgery is carefully planned for a natural appearance, the breasts of the patients are reshaped to be more attractive and upright. At the same time, breast prostheses can be used during surgery for patients who want to increase their breast volume and shape. Thus, patients can have the breast shape they want and feel more confident and have positive emotions.


What can be done on the breast with mastopexy surgery?


Aesthetic breast lift surgery aims to restore the natural form and beauty of the breast. This surgery is suitable for women who have drooping, lost shape, and lowered nipples. Surgery restores the youthful appearance of the breasts by relocating the breasts and removing the excess skin. In addition, a breast prosthesis can be placed for women who have the aim of breast augmentation.


Who is mastopexy surgery for?


For mastopexy surgery, the person must be physically and psychologically ready, have realistic expectations, and be at a healthy weight. After the operation, all instructions given by the physician should be followed.


How is mastopexy surgery done?


Mastopexy surgery is an aesthetic breast lift procedure and is usually performed for women with sagging breasts, and loss of shape or volume. Mastopexy surgery is performed in the hospital and under general anesthesia. The procedure can take about 2-3 hours and different incision techniques can be used. There are three basic incision techniques and the type of incision is determined by the shape, size, and degree of sagging of the patient’s breast.


It is recommended that the patient wear a bra that supports the breast after the surgery. Pain and swelling are normal and they will disappear by time. You can usually leave the hospital the next morning. In the long term, the breasts will be erected and shaped, and the scars will be disappeared.



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