Exercise counseling is the service provided to help a person exercise regularly to improve or maintain their health and fitness level. An exercise consultant collects information about the person’s health status, lifestyle, and goals and prepares a customized exercise program for him or her.


Exercise counseling can determine the appropriate exercise programs according to the health condition of the person and can teach the person to exercise in the right form. Counselors can also assist with other matters such as pre-and post-exercise routines, nutritional advice, and stress management techniques.


Exercise counselors work for people of all ages and health levels. Whether exercising at a gym, at home, or outdoors, exercise consultants can tailor an exercise program to suit a person’s needs. Exercise consultants are constantly trained to serve their customers in the best way by following the latest trends and the latest exercise techniques in the fitness world.


Exercise counseling is a scientific and customized approach used to create an appropriate exercise program to improve a person’s health status or achieve their fitness goals. Exercise counseling encourages regular exercise and adopting a healthier lifestyle by increasing the motivation of the person.


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